Through a careful field observation, a detailed analysis of the seasonal crop and an hand picking, we make an extra virgin olive oil with excellent quality. The cold extraction, early to mid-October, produces an oil with a very low yield (around 9%) which allows to obtain an extra virgin fruity taste and unique in its kind with low degrees of acidity and peroxides. Trimarchi di Villa Marchese offers its oil extracted from olives grown directly in their own organic farm. The cultivation takes place in complete absence of pesticides and healthy olives are picked at the right point of ripeness and cold extracted to obtain the best scents typical of the Sicilian variety. The Slow Food Guide 2011 of extra virgin olive oils has evaluated with “two olives” our oil. In the “News and events” site page you will find the whole extract article of Slow Food. For 2012 we have chosen to submit only one type of olive oil derived from two varieties Nocellara to propose a very balanced product in the different characteristics of fruity, bitter and spicy, able to satisfy the different and demanding palates of our loyal customers.

Extra Virgin Oil 250ml

Extra Virgin Oil 500ml