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Slow Food – Guide to Extravirgin 2011

Finally came out the new Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide 2011 published by Slow Food in which you can also find our extra virgin olive oils. Both Nocellara Etnea that Nocellara Belice have received excellent reviews both with “two olives” of final evaluation.
Here is the comment that you can find on the new guide (pag.444):

Nocellara Belice (organic):
Lemon yellow, with green hues, in the nose offers a distinct fruity olive oil and fresh scents of plants which takes a touch of tomato. In the mouth the contribution of sweet and bitter notes gives way to a stronger spice that enlivens conduction. Persistent till the end and good aroma.

Nocellara Etnea (organic):
In the nose offers clean aromas  among which emerge a light intensity fruity note and vegetable notes. In the mouth you feel a fairly full body and a slightly sweet dough animated by the bitter and the spicy. Very interesting the flavour of the fruit joint with the return of vegetable perceptions.

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